Daniel D. Johnson

Exciting news: Papers accepted!

Earlier this year, I submitted two papers for publication at different conferences: I submitted "Generating Polyphonic Music Using Tied Parallel Networks", a paper based on my work with polyphonic music, to the EvoMusArt 2017 conference, and I submitted "Learning Graphical State Transitions", a paper describing the Gated Graph Transformer Neural Network model, to ICLR 2017. Recently, I found out that my papers for both conferences have been accepted!

This means that in late April, I'm going to be flying to Europe and giving oral presentations on each of my papers, in Amsterdam for EvoMusArt, and in Toulon, France for ICLR. I'm looking forward to visiting Europe for the first time, meeting a lot of new people, and talking about my work!

If you would like to read the final versions of each of my papers, you can do so here.